The Gathering Storm in America Audio Download & Lessons in History Teacher’s Guide


A Prelude to the Founding Documents Trilogy
Featuring the Chronology of Events Preceding American Independence

Performed by a professional cast of seasoned actors, and carefully written and researched by a historian and playwright, this fascinating series of personal manifestos marches the listener through events and decisions that amassed as collective forces that gathered over the Colonies like storm clouds heavy with menace, sparking heated debate and deluging the citizenry with such intolerable burdens that this portentous period could only be described as The Gathering Storm in America!

Co-starring: Abbott Alexander, James Horan, Christopher Lowell,
Holger Moncada, Donal O’Sullivan, Tim Byron Owen,
Eleanora Owen and Mara Purl

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View the TimelineIntroduction to the Gathering Storm in America
On Becoming a Revolutionary

Dark clouds are forming in America!
Is there a precedent in history that we can refer to that can compare to the divisiveness and gut-wrenching discord we are experiencing in our country today? Perhaps so.

The story of Pre-Revolutionary America would make a summertime enrichment study of the American Revolution that can be tied into the history-making events that are happening in America today!

Recommended for Grades 5-12, The Gathering Storm in America Lessons in History follows National Standards for History through the art of storytelling.

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